ADR project to collapse over lack of funds

The Alternate Dispute Resolution project is likely to collapse due to the Judicial Service’s inability to raise funds to pay mediators. The Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA) has supported the programme for the last six years but withdrew its sponsorship last year.The Judicial Service must now cough up huge sums of money to pay mediators handling the Alternative Dispute Resolution project.

The mediators have handled over thirty four thousand cases in the last six years.

Regional Coordinator, Charles Turkson in an interview with Starr News’ Wilberforce Asare said the financial constraints could derail efforts towards reducing the backlog of cases at the court.

“We have some challenges…as we speak DANIDA was responsible for the payment of mediators since the inception of the programme till last year when they withdrew”.

Mr. Turkson added that: “The government of Ghana is now supposed to pay the mediators and every court has three mediators and we have over 300 courts across the country…so funding is a major challenge”.

Mr. Turkson also said infrastructure is also a big challenge affecting the programme.

“When you go to some of the courts, the mediators operate from under trees and so that is also a challenge”. –

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