Adwoa Safo delights constituents with mechanised boreholes

The Member of Parliament for Dome-Kwabenya, Sarah Adwoa Safo, has handed over five fully operationalised mechanised boreholes to some identifiable groups and institutions within her constituency to end their difficulties in searching for potable water for domestic use.Among the groups and institutions are the Old Ashongman D/A Primary School, Yam Market, Taifa Community Clinic, Agbogba Anglican Basic School and Dome Mosque.
Neighborhoods within which these groups and institutions are located are areas where cleanliness is an issue.
Communities in the Dome-Kwabenya constituency have over the years faced lots of challenges in getting portable water for domestic use as pipe-borne water running through the area are unable to supply the needed quantity to the residents, living majority of the population to wander about in search of the commodity.
Residents not connected to the community water system had to walk an hour distance to the nearest neighborhood where the commodity is available to buy. A bucket of water in such communities sells between Gp70 and Gp80.
The situation even becomes worse during the dry season where a bucket of water is sold for GH₵1.00.
The law maker in an interaction with journalists said her motivation in dolling out the mechanised boreholes was to ensure cleanliness in her constituency, especially, where water was very scarce.
“This is to ensure that my people, especially, the children are clean, they have good drinking water and are saved from this Ebola and Cholera epidemic. Children are my priority – their education, their health and their livelihood. I believe the facilities are going to help the schools and entire community because they wouldn’t have to buy water anymore”, said Ms. Safo in a cheerful mood.
She said five other neighbourhoods and institutions were also in the pipeline to benefit from the mechanised borehole initiative. Each of the facility which comes with a polytank reservoir, the MP noted, cost GH₵25,000.00.
Commenting on the initiative, a Headteacher of the Old Ashongman D/A Primary School, Vinolia Bediako Madogo, said the facility had come at the right time to save the school from the difficulties they go through when the commodity was in short supply.

Adwoa-Safo-joins-pupils-of-the-Old-Ashongman-DA-Primary-to-display-water-fetched-from-the-mechanised-borehole-that-was-donated-to-the-schoolShe said the school had over the years been dependent on irregular water supply from the Municipal Assembly at an average cost of GH₵40.00 per month to serve over 900 pupils. However, she argued that the gesture from the MP for the area would help save them some money and also improve on the sanitation situation in the area. “This is a blessing,” noted Madam Madogo.
A class four pupil of the Old Ashongman D/A Primary School, Hannah Abedu Fosu expressed her profound gratitude to Ms. Safo for her kind gesture noting “the borehole will give us potable water to drink and help us not to get cholera and Ebola.”
Headteacher of the Agbogba Anglican Basic School, Mrs. Joana Adwoa Brukum, also commenting on the initiative lauded the MP for bringing life to the school.
“Water is life and he who brings water brings life. This borehole donated will go a long way to relieve us of the difficulties we encounter in getting water on daily basis. It will also improve on our sanitation issues in the school, especially, with the outbreak of cholera. We promise to take good care of the facility and use it for the purpose that it has been given”, she noted.
Leaders of the Dome Market, Taifa Community Clinic and the Yam Market all welcomed the gesture done them by the MP and promised to take good care of the facility.

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