Anas exposé: Judicial Council dismisses 20 judges

Twenty circuit court judges and magistrates who were accused of taking bribes to subvert justice have been sacked by the Judicial Council.

The judges were found guilty of violating the constitution, Chief Justice Mrs Georgina Wood told the media today.

The judges were among 32 judges implicated in a two-year investigation by journalist Anas Aremayaw Anas.

The decision to dismiss the judges follows a recommendation by a committee set up by Chief Justice to investigate the judicial scandal .

The Judicial Council in September suspended 22 circuit court judges and magistrates following a damming video evidence detailing bribery in the judiciary but one was exonerated in the course of the committee’s work.

Also the committee investigating the judges reprimanded and reinstated one of them, Joy News’ Felix Akoyam who was at the press conference said.

Also, based on the recommendations of the committee, some of the dismissed judges were given their benefits. Others were removed without any benefit.

The judges, who appeared before the committee were said to have shown some remorse, and apologisd to Ghanaians for bringing the name of the judiciary into disrepute, Felix reported the Chief Justice as saying.

Mrs. Georgina Wood insisted that the judiciary would not shield any judge found culpable in the ongoing investigation into judicial bribery.

Seven High Court judges implicated in the scandal are among those being investigated. Some of the judges are also in court contesting Anas’ video and actions of the investigative journalist.

Source:| Isaac Essel

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