Does divorce affect MEN more?

Divorce the end of a relationship is no doubt a very difficult situation for both men and women to face, I would say that divorce affects men more than women; men find it very difficult to cope up with the changes that divorce imposes on them. It has been found that every 1 out of 2 men felt very lonely as compared to 1 out of 3 women that were divorced. Surveys reveal that women found it much easier to go on with their lives by leaving their past behind as compared to men.

Let’s have a detailed look:

Let us understand one aspect; men are fragile by nature though most of us misunderstand their strong front as being cold. Divorce can really break up their personality and first make them depressed. When a man loses his wife and his family, he starts feeling everything is over and most men start losing grip with reality. They may lose interest in many things and may become less and less motivated to take initiative. Their life starts taking the path of self-destruction.

Next we all need to face the fact that most men are introverts. We all must have definitely observed that women find it easier to express their emotions, cry and get over their negative feelings; while men suffer in silence. Though men act courageous, they lack the clarity to understand their feelings and think it is no good to make a great deal about it; men are creatures of internalizing their feelings from birth and this affects their physical and mental well being in the long run.

The psychological implications of divorce cannot be overlooked and men experience it more than women; there could be heightened feelings of anger vengeance and violence. There could be anger towards your previous spouse that could manifest itself in ways that one could never think of; men even become juvenile psychopaths or could have tendencies that are sadomasochistic. All these feelings are combined with a loss of self-esteem; the loss of a woman that promised to live with one through thick and thin wants to have nothing to do with you.

It is sad yet the truth that the psychological implications lead to the gradual breakdown of health that is felt by men more than women; most men suffer from loss of appetite, fatigue, lack of sleep, depression and listlessness. It could also lead to worst consequences like cardiac arrest with long term depression leading to suicidal tendencies, general disinterest in life and nervous breakdowns. Some may even take to drugs and alcohol to get over the pain that has always leads to more drifting away from the actual solution.

In addition most men find it very difficult to trust others especially women that make them shun others that could make them whole; this has also been the reason why men find it difficult to form any more new and lasting relationships in their life. This also springs fro9m the fact that men always feel they are given a status by what they have than what they are; divorce they consider is a loss of family that makes the society view them differently.

Divorce has its own financially exhaustive circumstances and men that are the main breadwinners find it difficult to put up with liquidation of joint assets, spouse and child maintenance and so on; all these payments burn a big hole in his lifelong savings and could lead to financial bankruptcy that is really overwhelming with the other physical and emotional hurts.


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