Failed ‘dumsor’ promises: Mahama must sack technical advisers – ACEP

President John Mahama must fire all his technical advisers who have consistently misled him with unreliable information that made him repetitively promise an end to the current power crisis, Executive Director of energy policy group Africa Centre for Energy Policy (ACEP) Muhammed Amin Anta has told Paa Kwesi Asare on Starr103.5FM’s Business Focus programme.“…The President has made promise upon promise; he’s never fulfilled that yet the technical people are still at post,” Mr Anta wondered.

Ghana is currently reeling under a worsening power crisis which is crippling Industry and businesses.

There is an energy shortfall of between 400 and 700 Megawatts owing to poor hydrology of the country’s three hydropower stations coupled with the breakdown of some thermal plants, as well as the lack of gas to power the other plants that are working.

President Mahama, since 2012 has made several promises of an end to the crisis, but each deadline passed while the situation got worse.

Mr Anta argued that the President made the promises based on the advise given him by his technical experts.

He said those who misled the President with false technical information must be punished with outright dismissal. –

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