Government pledges full implementation of June 3 disaster report

Government says it will implement to the letter recommendations contained in the report on the June 3 flood and fire disaster that killed over 154 people at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle in Accra.
The presidential committee chaired by retired judge, Justice Isaac Douse presented its report and blamed the fire on a lit cigarette said to have been left in the fuel droppings from a tanker by one Seth Kwesi Ofosu at the circle Goil station.
Prosecution of this man for arson is now in the hands of government.
Justice Isaac Douse’s committee is recommending immediate procurement of air ambulance and helicopters with firefighting capabilities for future disaster management.
Interior Minister, Mark Woyongo says Ghana must learn from the June 3 disaster and “vow that never…never again should we have this kind of disaster”.
He said fuel attendants must be given the required training to ensure that they are better equipped to handle certain situations.
He said government will study the report and act on it appropriately.
“The issue of air ambulance is very high on the agenda of the Ministry of Interior, we strongly believe that the police not only need air ambulance but they need helicopters to facilitate their work.” – Credit:

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