Gov’t rescinds decision not to pay August salaries of doctors

Government has rescinded its earlier decision not to pay striking public sector doctors their salaries for the period in which they were on strike.

A statement signed by the Minister for Employment and Labour Relations, Haruna Iddrisu said: “Government wishes to remind all public sector workers of the provisions of the Labour Act 2003 (Act 651), which states among others that a worker on strike “may forfeit his/her remuneration in respect of the period during which he/she is engaged in the illegal strike.”

Government had decided not to pay the salaries at a time that doctors, University teachers, and Pharmacists were all on strike over their various concerns.

It further directed “all heads of government establishments where workers have embarked on illegal (partial or full) strike actions to compile and submit to their respective Ministers of State the list of workers who have been absenting themselves from work as a result of a strike or protest.

“The compiled lists are to be submitted to the Ministry of Finance on or before Friday August 14, 2015 for necessary action.”

However speaking on Joy FM’s News Analysis show, News File Saturday, a day after the doctors called off their strike, an elated Minister of Manpower and Labour Relations, Haruna Idrissu stated that the doctor are sure to receive their pay for the month of August.

“Essentially when you are building bridges you need to change your posture on many issues, we all swear to uphold the law. As Minister of Employment one of the critical laws that all times must be my guiding Bible is the Labour Act and therefore we must all be firm respecting our institutions and laws of the country. I do not think that any Medical Practitioner will suffer as a result of the action that was embarked upon…… the consequence as regrettable as it may be, but I think we have to make a forward move,” quoted him as saying.

Negotiations between the doctors and the government over the former’s conditions of service are expected to resume on Monday at 11am.


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