HEALTH ALERT: FDA warns of adulterated palm oil on the market

The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) is warning of adulterated palm oil on the market bearing the brand name FOVITOR DZOMI PALM OIL.
The product, it said, is produced by MIVA LIFELINE Limited to FORVITOR International Limited in the UK and contains Sudan IV dye, a colouring agent which is carcinogenic and not permitted in food.
The Tower Hamlets of Council of the United Kingdom has also raised alarm over the product and warned its residents and businesses to be wary of it.
The FDA in a statement released on Wednesday by its Deputy Chief Executive, Food Safety Division, John Odame-Darkwah, said their checks have revealed that the company that produces the product has never applied to the Authority for an export for FOVITOR DZOMI PALM OIL.
The said product, he noted, has also never been issued with a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) by the FDA on the Sudan Dye status for FOVITOR DZOMI PALM OIL as required by the European Council (EC).
However, he said their records indicate that the only time MIVA LIFELINE LIMITED has been issued with a permit and a CoA on Sudan Dye Status was in 2010 but was meant to produce MIVA LIFELINE PURE DZOMI.
“The FDA wishes to indicate that any export of a consignment of Palm Oil without a Permit and a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) indicating the Sudan Dye status issued only by the FDA and no other state institution is a violation of the National Export Protocol for Palm Oil agreed between Ghana and the European Union dating back to 2006,” the statement in part read.
The Authority is therefore advising all prospective exporters of palm oil to address all their concerns to any of its regional offices in all the regional capitals in Ghana.
Additionally, it is cautioning any distributor, shop or retail outlet displaying FORVITOR DZOMI PALM OIL in Ghana to immediately remove the product from sale and inform the FDA accordingly on 0244337235.
It announced that it has mounted an intensive market surveillance to remove any such product, if any is in circulation in Ghana.
That aside, the Authority said it will continue with its investigations and also work closely with other state agencies to ensure strict adherence to the protocol. Credit:

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