If you put an iPhone 6 in your pocket, it may not come out the same shape

We know Apple wanted to bend to the wants and wishes of millions of customers with the super sleek iPhone 6 — but we don’t think they wanted the phone itself to bend, too.
However, according to MacRumors, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users have been putting their new phones in their pockets, only to find the anodized aluminum body a bit bent out of shape.
While it’s possible that the thinner, larger iPhone 6 may be more apt to bend under pressure — we’ve reached out to Apple for an explanation, but have yet to hear back — this new generation isn’t the first to encounter complaints.Some users of the iPhone 5 and 5s reported the same problem, and Time reports Android owners have experienced similar horrors.Bent iphone
What to do? Well, MacRumors has some sensible advice if you’re a pocket carrier who can’t avoid sitting or bending: bigger pockets.
“If a pocket is unavoidable,” writes the site’s Kelly Hodgkins, “then customers may want to place their device in a roomier pocket that allows the device to slide out the way.”
Stay strong, iPhones. Credit: huffingtonpost.com

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