KKD ‘case drop’ betrays “poor” social support system – Gender Activist

Gender Activist Esther Tawiah has said the decision by the 19-year-old lady at the centre of the KKD rape case, to drop the charge against ace broadcaster reflects “poorly” on Ghana’s social support system for victims of such acts.

Ewureffe Orleans Thompson filed the charge against KKD on the night of December 27, 2014 after the two had spent some time together with friends and family members at the African Regent Hotel within the Airport Residential Area.

Ms Thompson accused the 49-year-old father of two of forcefully having sexual intercourse with her in the bathroom of one of the hotel suites.

KKD who has been in the custody of the Airport Police Command since the night of the alleged crime together with his lawyers denied the accusation and insisted the sexual intercourse was “consensual”.

The Lawyers have been trying to secure bail for the CEO of the Finest Productions at the human rights courts but failed on two occasions.

Meanwhile, in a rather surprising twist of events on Tuesday, Ms Thompson wrote a two-paged-letter to the Attorney General Monday stating her desire to discontinue the case against the fashion icon.

“It’s a bad signal especially when this person we are talking about is an influential person in the entertainment industry…” said the Executive Director of Gender Center for Empowerment Development, Esther Tawiah in an interview with Starr News.

“I thought that this case was going to be a very good case study for people who do this kind of things in society to know the law is not a respecter of persons and that whatever you do you will be actually held responsible. I am so disappointed that the lady involved did not let the law take its own course and just withdrew the case….” she added passionately.

Ms Tawiah who believes Ewureffe was cowed by the image of the accused said there should have been a stronger support system around her to empower her in her quest to get justice.

“You can’t [blame] her entirely. Mental health workers should be involved….not the police alone. When you are talking to the police alone sometimes you are scared, but when this people are able to ‘conscienstise’ you, let you know that what you are doing is the right thing, not hiding it. If you hide, it is worse.

“In fact what she has caused for herself now, the trauma and everything is worse than if she had gone on with the case. Because people will start saying a lot of things against her. For instance she might have been given some money….someway somehow”. – Starrfmonline.com

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