NLA introduces tech-driven games onto Ghanaian market

The National Lottery Authority (NLA) has introduced two new products that are tech-driven onto the Ghanaian market. The products are Soccer-Cash game and the NLA Mobile Platform 5/90 Games.The Soccer-Cash game is an innovative product that involves twelve games packaged in one. Here, the player has to select twelve games either locally or internationally with the prediction of either win, draw or lose. The player who gets ten of the predictions correctly wins.
The NLA Mobile Platform 5/90 Games on the other hand is a new game which allows the player to select at least one out of ninety balls number 1-90. A draw is held at the end of each day except on Sundays to randomly select 5 out of the 90 balls. If the numbers on the 5 selected balls match any of the numbers selected by the player at the time of play, he stands a chance of winning. The first number drawn (Direct – 1) is called the 1st Winning Number. For example, if a player selects number 45, he wins if 45 is the first number drawn. Direct 2 involve any two numbers out of the 5 winning numbers to be drawn. For example, if a player selects 37 and 17, he’s a winner if 37 and 17 are among the 5 numbers drawn. Direct 3, 4 and 5 follow same pattern. However, if a player selects more than two numbers and combines them in sets of two commonly known as permutation, thus, if a player selects numbers 10-20-30, perm2 will give combinations of (i)10-20, (ii) 10-30, and (iii) 20-30 – here the winning patter is same as direct -2.
The game also has an additional feature, Banker 1 against all. This is selecting one number and pairing it with the rest of 89 numbers. Example, if a player selects 45 against all, it means the number 45 is his or her banker. This banker must be one of the 5 winning numbers.
Head of the NLA, Brigadier (Rtd) Martin Ahiaglo, commenting on the initiative said though the lottery business is growing at a fast pace globally, technology has put a challenge on his outfit as to how to position it to get the right mix to come out with products that are attractive to address the needs of customers, especially, the tech savvy driven youth.
He said the NLA plans to continuously diversify to introduce at least two new products each year over the next three years, noting that “this is a pledge we intend to initiate and a pledge we intend to deliver at all times”.
The Minister of Youth and Sports, Mahama Ayariga, who unveiled the products argued that in the nation’s quest to finance sports, there was the need to be innovative in the area betting among other things.
He expressed the belief that products would receive wide patronage and would be the source of income to fund sports in Ghana. He assured the NLA of the commitment of the Ministry of Youth and Sports in advertizing and promoting the products.
The Deputy Minister of Finance, Ms. Mona Quartey, who is in charge of the country’s revenue mobilization agencies commenting on the products, said “the time is now for the NLA to assert itself in revenue mobilization”. She urged Ghanaians to support the initiative introduced by the NLA, noting that “we all stand to benefit from it”.
The two games are expected to generate additional revenue to augment the financial resources the NLA has been mobilizing over the years for national development. The first draw of the games is scheduled to take place on March 9, 2015.

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