Police goofed in my alleged staged rape – Ada

Former presenter of YFM, Adaeze Onyinyechie Ayoka, also known as Ada, claims the Police made a mistake in her alleged stage rape.

Ada in a lengthy interview with Kojo Preko Dankwa, host of Kasapa Entertainment on Kasapa 102.3 FM Saturday, said the Police investigators didn’t have enough evidence to prosecute her in what they (Police) termed was a staged drama.

“Up until now, one year on I think it wasn’t my duty to tell what exactly happened, truth is bad and is the police duty to investigate because my story doesn’t necessarily mean it is the truth so am expecting the police to come out again but this time not somebody’s say but a real proof into the incidence.”

She was asked by Kojo Preko Dankwa if she thinks the Police initial investigations were lies, Ada replied in an affirmative that “in one word they (Police) goofed, I don’t want to pick up wherever they started from.

“I’m not sad because it happened to me, but I’m sad because many people go through real life stories like mine and police will have to play like this. I’m so glad it wasn’t just me because during my time I also heard about Charles Antwi, BNI picked him because he said he wanted to kill the president and it was the public that had to beg because he sounded psychotic, they didn’t even mash a break.”

Reacting to a quote from the police report Ada stated that “I never mentioned to anybody that am coming to shoot a movie, I didn’t speak nor say a word to the hotel manager, I didn’t have conversation with him and the same person who went to the police station to report that I (Ada) hired him was the same person who told the hotel manager that he is coming to shoot a movie.”

She replied “In my opinion five people can’t shoot a movie since a lot of people are involved in shooting a movie and even to the extent of someone holding a cutlass where he (Hotel Manager) should have banged into the room to stop them. He could have drawn the attention of his security personnel to stop them.”

“I have asked the police investigator to take me to the hotel but till today he has refused. The reason why I had wanted to see the hotel is to ask the manager if really he spoke with me. I don’t even know the hotel.”

What happened at Kaneshie

“Sometime ago I was in Accra at Kaneshie waiting for my friends to come for me. I felt dizzy and suddenly a gentlemen approached me and I told him I was feeling uneasy, so he helped me out with a place to rest a while and also thought of helping him out because he told me he was a school drop out.

“But from where I sit today the picture is clearer with me why the gentleman came closer to me that night and I understand why he had to appear, he said that I bathed in his house and lived in his house but if I knew his house by now I will be in jail. If really I have to stage a rape then I would have taken into consideration the location so why should I come all the way from Takoradi to Abossey Okai to stage a rape.

“I wouldn’t ever want to have an attention in a way to expose my nudity or stage a rape to get the attention.”

The former presenter claimed that she was never taken to court since the alleged stage rape happened.

“I have never been to court and that has been my campaign ever since I got better, I want everybody to encourage the police to go to court, if you want justice let’s get to court and I’m sure that the court will ask for them to do due diligence.

“I signed police enquiry bail which means that they have no evidence and are still looking for evidence to back what they suspected to be and I’m still hoping that by now they have evidence then probably we head to court and If not then I might say that if anybody is deceiving the public then it is the police.”

She further reacted to the nude pictures which went viral on facebook that her DJ called one midnight claiming that he saw the nude picture which was used as her profile picture with an inscription that “the police should be reasonable enough to put me (Ada) to jail,” but she claims she never had access to internet at the Police Hospital in Accra and at the same time being handcuffed to the bed.

“My DJ saw my nude picture as my profile picture with the inscription “the police should be reasonable enough to put me (Ada) in jail” and called at mid night to inform me, but I reiterated that I thought the police said they’ve blocked my facebook account and moreover the person who claimed I have hired him has been freed and I was at the Police Hospital in a handcuff without internet access.

“I told him to tell Giovani to call me and I gave my password to him to check if really someone has hacked into my account. Giovani confirmed to me that my facebook account is not working.”

Last year, the Accra Regional Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Afia Tenge said: “The Police will have the opportunity to interrogate her further for a clearer picture of the incident” after she has been “examined both physically and mentally,” but the police report was not made public for all to know who was right and who went wrong.

Ada reiterated that she would be comfortable to go to jail if found guilty of the offence(s) labelled against her by the police.

“I will go to jail with pride and swag if court proves me guilty of the alleged staged rape. I don’t think I deserve anybody’s sympathy and would gladly book myself in jail if am guilty.”

Ada would be hosting a beauty pageant for patients of the Accra Psychiatric Hospital.

The contest is scheduled for Sunday, May 2, 2016 at the premises of the Accra Psychiatric Hospital. On the day, the inmates are expected to sing the Ghana National Anthem and sing other songs, recite poems, catwalk and showcase their talents. Some doctors at the facility will be judges.

The yearly event is geared towards stigmatization against mental illness.

Ada spent some time on admission at the Police Hospital after allegedly staging her own kidnapping and gang-rape in 2015. She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Princess Ada would also put together her alleged kidnapping and gang-rape story into a documentary to tell the world what really happened.

Source: kasapafmonline.com

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