US to screen arriving travelers from West Africa for Ebola

A US Federal Official, today, hinted of screening air travelers, mainly from West Africa, entering the United States of America for Ebola.
The travelers are expected to go through various strict screening processes which include the checking of temperature to detect fever which has been identified as one of the symptoms in diagnosing the Ebola virus infection.
The exercise has received the full backing of President Obama and top officials of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention.
“We plan to begin screening as quickly as we can,” the Los Angeles Times quoted a federal official as saying on Wednesday morning. “It is possible it will begin this weekend.”
According to the paper, the new screening on entry will be in addition to the procedures already carried out on passengers flying out of countries in West Africa, where Ebola has already claimed more than 3,400 lives.
Under the programme, temperatures of departing passengers would taken by officials of the Center for Disease Control following which they would be made to fill out a questionnaire about whether they have had any contract with an infected Ebola patient.
Over 36,000 travelers leaving West Africa have for the last two months been screened out of which 77 people had a fever and were preventing from boarding the flight, according to Tom Frieden, Director of the Center for Disease Control.

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